Company Profile

Established in 2004, Knowsley Environment Services operates nationally from offices based in Merseyside. The company has grown and developed providing clients with a wide range of water treatment services chosen to satisfy the demands of individual projects and responding to the continually changing technical environment. Knowsley Environment Services is dedicated to providing a professional, flexible and reliable approach to water treatment, adopting the most practical and cost effective solutions available.

We are proud of our reputation as an industry leader. Clients include many local authorities, property service groups, NHS organisations, M&E companies, consultants, maintenance companies, water treatment companies and end users.

Knowsley Environment Services is pro-active from the design stage through to construction, commissioning and maintenance of installations, working with client design and engineering teams and forming partnerships with project management.

It is of paramount importance with today's ever advancing technology to use the most appropriate techniques to ensure that an effective end result is engineered into any programme of work right from start to to finish with a full commitment to health and safety requirements.

All our staff receive extensive training in all aspects of legionella control to conform to the Health & Safety Executives documentation L8 The Control of Legionnaires Disease. We also provide training and consultancy to all our clients inline with L8.

Involvement at the earliest stage is always desirable and this is encouraged by Knowsley Building and Environment Services. As an independent company, without the constraint of a manufacturing base, every project is viewed as a fresh challenge to the company's technical and managerial skills.

Knowsley Environment Services commit to provide a service to clients that meets our requirements and their expectations; delivering a standard of service and expertise which ensures clean, safe and functional water systems every time.